How Your Brain Chemistry Craves Alcohol

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During my years as a drinker, I was around many people who were slaves to liquor.  I don’t really know how many of them thought of themselves as having a problem.  But I do know that a lot of people emphasize the fun they’re having when drinking and their desire to drink. Heavy drinkers find millions of ways to joke about their drink, to half-heartedly mock themselves, etc.  But the truth it, they are powerfully driven to drink, and that’s a hard thing to admit. Well, if you’ve ever … [Read more...]


15 Celebrities Who Have Been to Rehab

Put things in context!  If you’re struggling with drink, you’re probably beating yourself up.  If you’re in the middle of recovery, you may still be suffering low self-esteem or related issues.  That kind of bad head space, with some isolation it may entail, just isn’t good. It may be a bit helpful to realize you’re not alone.  In that spirit, here are people who have touched many lives in positive ways, who have known great success themselves, even while struggling with substance … [Read more...]


Tips For Dealing with Withdrawal

My personal tips for dealing with withdrawal In 2002, a friend of mine called me telling me he’d slept about a half an hour the last two nights.  He’d had to leave his job on a landscaping crew two days in a row.  He found that he was confused, that it seemed slightly dark in his apartment in the middle of the afternoon.  He said when he sat and thought about what was going on, how his resolution to quit drinking was going, he would start sweating.  His forehead would get this thick sheen of … [Read more...]


Advice on Forgiveness for Recovered Alcoholics

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Forgiving without excusing. Being a recovered addict—of any kind—means more than just laying off the substance in question.  That’s kind of unfair, because doing just that is extremely hard.  But living as a recovered addict means keeping the rest of your house in order.  You have to get into harmony emotionally—it’s your entire emotional life that matters, since that is what will keep you from needing the substance. That’s why in this blog I’ll be talking about things having to do with a … [Read more...]


Pros and Cons of Relapse Prevention


Friends, today’s topic is something that quite a few recoverers may not know about.  Relapse Prevention is a while school of thought developed by addiction counselors and therapists and other professionals.  As the name implies, this approach explicitly labels the component of the process in which the recovered alcoholic could possibly hit a relapse. A report by Larimer, et al. discusses the Marlatt Cognitive-Behavioral Model.  First, this model aims to identify high-risk situations, such as … [Read more...]