Don’t Be a Statistic: Binge Drinking Data and You

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Binge Drinking By The Numbers Alcoholism isn’t measured by large quantities of drink in one day, but almost all alcoholics have engaged in binge drinking at one time or another.  Maybe thousands of times, maybe a few dozen. This means men having 5 drinks or women 4 in 2 hours or less.  This definition is from the Centers for Disease Control, which we’ll be revisiting throughout the post. A lot of the posts I make are for particular insights (I’ve gotten the hard way) about one facet of … [Read more...]


Your Stomach Pain Could be Gastritis

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Be sure to get help at warning signs A lot of heavy drinkers experience considerable stomach pains, often quite often.  It’s something that is intuitive, taken to be just a part of the process, even if it’s a very unpleasant part. What’s important for the heavy drinker to know is the existence of a condition called Gastritis.  It’s even worse than it sounds. Gastritis is inflammation of the lining of the stomach, serious inflammation, sometimes escalating to the point of bleeding.  This … [Read more...]


Your Hangover is Getting Worse as You Get Older

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This is due to many physiological factors. The body breaks down over time.  Everything gets slower and weaker and worse.  This is not front-page news.  Yet it’s not obvious to everyone that hangovers are part of this phenomenon.  A lot of friends of mine has said that they swear they are having a harder time getting over hangovers as they get into their late forties or fifties.  This is scientifically observable and proven phenomenon. Acetaldehyde OK, bear with me here—things are going to … [Read more...]


Is Alcoholism a Disease?

Is alcoholism a disease? In my experience, people like to consider it a serious problem which plagues sufferers and those around them. But I've encountered resistance to the idea that alcoholism is a disease. Many people don't like to group alcoholics with people who suffer cancer, degenerative diseases and so on.   It seems to be disrespectful to sufferers of those conditions, and I get that. Yet, people who ask "is alcoholism a disease?" need to be informed of the life-threatening nature … [Read more...]