Dry Drunk Syndrome–Is it Beatable?

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Don't feel the same after you've quit. A Definition of Dry-Drunk Syndrome When I moved from Albuquerque to Cincinnati, I went to some AA meetings and made it a point to network with recovering drinkers.  As you’ll recall from previous posts, it’s important to have at least some connection with recovering alcoholics as you go through your own recovery.  This helps commiserate and to not feel alone. Now, it’s important, of course, not to allow these friendships or collegial relationships to … [Read more...]


Controlling Your Emotions During Recovery

  They call it emotional sobriety. One of the keys to recovering is to gain some self-control.  Obviously self-control is absolutely central to quitting a substance and to staying that way.  But as you start to live sober, you’ll gain control over yourself in a much larger sense.  You’ll control, not just the urge to drink, but many more emotional traits.  There are some cause and effect qualities to this—the gains in self-control come from sobriety, and increased control and a better … [Read more...]


Overcoming Resentment During Your Recovery

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Today’s topic will be resentment: harboring it and then proceeding to vanquish it. I want to start off with a story of my ex-girlfriend, whom we’ll call Debbie.  Debbie was a medium-height brunette with a great sense of humor and quite a lot of attitude.  I kind of liked the attitude, but only when I was in a good mood.  She was my girlfriend while I was drinking heavily, and my girlfriend when I hit rock bottom.  She was a girlfriend who left me a few times and we got back together, and … [Read more...]