Recovering Alcoholic Behaviors that Lead to Long Term Sobriety

Behavioral change is the key to enjoying long-term sobriety. An alcoholic cannot be helped without admitting a problem, booking into a reputable rehab center and staying through the treatment. Those who admit to alcohol addiction and go through rehabilitation come out and the battle they have to face on a day to day basis is ensuring they don't relapse. Here are some recovering alcoholic behaviors that lead to long term sobriety. Change your environment Is it insane to do the same thing over … [Read more...]


Understanding the Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

danger alcohol withdrawal seizure. Man drinking

This post will be about understanding the dangers of alcohol withdrawal seizures, the most...sobering...aspects of alcoholism and quitting. I try to to keep things a bit light, or at least as encouraging as possible, but some of this stuff is just tough.  Here, we have to discuss seizures, a daunting topic to be sure.  But as you embark on this momentous journey of the alcohol-free life, you have to fully understand the inherent challenges and risks ahead. As most recovering alcoholics will … [Read more...]