Moderation Management: One Recovery Option

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Moderation Management: a stripped-down AA? One of the reasons recovery from drinking throws such a fright into people is that when many people think of abstinence, they think of just that: giving up cold turkey.  It’s not a fun hobby, that’s for sure.  But there are other ways of doing things.  Today we’ll discuss moderation management, a form of recovering from alcohol without going cold turkey. Moderation Management—with the details to follow--just the idea of drinking in moderation while … [Read more...]


Alcoholics Anonymous: Wildly Successful?

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What is success, and who deserves the credit? Most times when I discuss my alcoholism recovery with folks, they ask me about Alcoholics Anonymous.  They want to know if I went through, did it work, what did I like about it, etc.? Some people think AA is synonymous with recovery the way google is now synonymous with searching the Internet.  Some think it’s an annoying religious brainwashing cell; some think it’s too simple and simplistic; some think the sponsor component is the best part of … [Read more...]