5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Now

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Here we are again, friends.  Let me take this opportunity to thank you for being here and reading my blog, but also to say that I hope the blog is inspiring you and helping you. But also, there are new readers and this post very well may be for you.  Today we’re going to get right back to basics and discuss, perhaps the most important issue that exists: why you should stop drinking alcohol. Damage to your body A lot of people joke around about damaging their bodies, like “ha ha, I’m so bad,” … [Read more...]


Why I Feel Depressed After Drinking And How To Ease Depression?

Feeling depressed after drinking is one of the most common problems occurring in case of addiction, predisposing the person in question to several other mental issues, such as anxiety. Easing depression after drinking is easier than you might think. OK, you've heard that joke about feeling hungry after eating Chinese food.  It's funny, because in the last few years I've bought all sorts of Chinese recipe books (you can find my preferred one here!), so I know how to make some kung pao and lo … [Read more...]


Enjoying life without alcohol – understanding and dealing with reality

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For alcoholics, quitting doesn't always last long.  What matters is making it stick. Pitfalls for Recovering Alcoholics: Some of the Biggest Temptations. Social Occasions Hello, my name is Sam and I'm a recovered alcoholic.  This means that the holidays, while great now, were a bit sketchy for me in the first few years of my sobriety.   Holidays are rough because the booze can be flowing at those times. Sometimes you can be around people who don't know you're recovered and who feel that … [Read more...]


Can an Alcoholic Drink in Moderation Successfully?

Can an alcoholic drink in moderation successfully? Will social drinking be OK or will it drag you down? Very few recovered alcoholics live on an uncharted island.  Hanging out with buds or in crowds and being around people who are having a ball drinking poses serious temptation--and serious angst--for the recovered and recovering alcoholics.  This can present a very strong temptation for recovering alcoholics- they can find themselves in situations where they are surrounded by others who are … [Read more...]


Is There Really Such a Thing as Free Alcohol Rehab?

Is rehabilitation solely a privilege of the financially comfortable, or is there such a thing as free alcohol rehab? So, let me lay out some options available to those who wish to make a fresh start but who don't have a lot of money for private rehab centers or expensive treatments. If you have an honest desire to change your life, you can take advantage of several opportunities that will cost you mostly just willpower. … [Read more...]