Vice Says Rehab Doesn’t Work, Alcoholism Isn’t a Disease

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I had to be away from the blog for a period of time, and while I was, I saw something I really wanted to respond to. The libertarian news site Vice ran an interview with the neuroscientist Marc Lewis, who went through rehab for alcoholism himself and applied his experiences to his science know-how (or vice versa). Lewis’s argument is twofold: that rehab is one big scam and that it’s also dangerous to treat alcoholism as a disease. So, I’d like to address each of these in … [Read more...]


15 Celebrities Who Have Been to Rehab

Put things in context!  If you’re struggling with drink, you’re probably beating yourself up.  If you’re in the middle of recovery, you may still be suffering low self-esteem or related issues.  That kind of bad head space, with some isolation it may entail, just isn’t good. It may be a bit helpful to realize you’re not alone.  In that spirit, here are people who have touched many lives in positive ways, who have known great success themselves, even while struggling with substance … [Read more...]


Should You Go Into Rehab For Depression

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Is Rehab for Depression? I’ve spent a lot of time writing about rehab, about various types of programs for getting past alcoholism.  But what about depression?  You know people who take Zoloft, Prozac, etc. for depression; and those who see a therapist for it.  You may also be aware of inpatient programs—rehab—for very severe depression. Let’s take a look at circumstances in which rehab may be the best option for depression, and what would happen from there. First, we should look at some … [Read more...]


Alcoholics Anonymous: Wildly Successful?

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What is success, and who deserves the credit? Most times when I discuss my alcoholism recovery with folks, they ask me about Alcoholics Anonymous.  They want to know if I went through, did it work, what did I like about it, etc.? Some people think AA is synonymous with recovery the way google is now synonymous with searching the Internet.  Some think it’s an annoying religious brainwashing cell; some think it’s too simple and simplistic; some think the sponsor component is the best part of … [Read more...]


Enjoying life without alcohol – understanding and dealing with reality

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For alcoholics, quitting doesn't always last long.  What matters is making it stick. Pitfalls for Recovering Alcoholics: Some of the Biggest Temptations. Social Occasions Hello, my name is Sam and I'm a recovered alcoholic.  This means that the holidays, while great now, were a bit sketchy for me in the first few years of my sobriety.   Holidays are rough because the booze can be flowing at those times. Sometimes you can be around people who don't know you're recovered and who feel that … [Read more...]