Is There Really Such a Thing as Free Alcohol Rehab?

free alcohol rehab

Is rehabilitation solely a privilege of the financially comfortable, or is there such a thing as free alcohol rehab?

So, let me lay out some options available to those who wish to make a fresh start but who don’t have a lot of money for private rehab centers or expensive treatments.

If you have an honest desire to change your life, you can take advantage of several opportunities that will cost you mostly just willpower.

State Supported Rehab Programs

OK, I’ve done a lot of research for you!  Most states have government-backed rehab programs, from outpatient guidance and support to residential programs.  Sometimes, though the wait lists are pretty long.  So, unless you’re referred by an agency like the Department of Family and Children Services or the Department of Corrections, you may be faced with a long wait–and that might not be a great idea.

Mutual Support Organizations

When you think mutual support organizations, think AA.   It’s all about support and sponsorship, and even the coffee is free.  AA combines meetings, literature, and a sponsor-aided recovery process known as the twelve step program–and, as I’m sure you know, it works. Alcoholics Anonymous is very well regarded and successful, but it does have a strong Christian ethos, and that might not be your thing. There are a few of secular alcoholic support groups, including Rational Recovery and Life Ring Recovery.

Religious Support Groups

Again, I’m a researcher.  Most denomination has a form of addiction support program, including Jews in Recovery, the Salvation Army and numerous Christian support groups. Most of these organizations are free, and don’t all require their participants to belong to their faiths.  If you are a member of a religion, these may be for you, but if not, there are plenty of alternative free alcohol rehab options, as mentioned above.

Web-based Alcoholic Recovery Support

The web is full of cat videos, so it may as well have useful things too, right?   There’s been a boom in online alcoholism support resources in recent years. These take many forms, from chat rooms and forums to informative sites and articles. Most major support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous will of course have their own online presence and resources.

While web-based alcoholism support can be beneficial, some recovering alcoholics typically respond better to in-person support, and are more likely to stick with a program of treatment when they interact with fellow alcoholics and supporters face to face.
And the best face-to-face rehab programs are free. While some private rehab programs may boast of their results and resources, any lasting rehabilitation is due to the determination and effort of the recovering addict.

Support groups are just that- support. The hard work is all yours, friend. That means you don’t need money to change your life for the better, all you need is the desire to change and the willpower to act on that desire. And when you’re ready to make that step, there’s support waiting for you. There is such a thing as free alcohol rehab, and there is also such a thing as a second chance.

Photo Credit Mario Antonio Pena Zapateria on Flickr