How to Say No When Offered Alcohol

It's tough, isn't it?  Buddies are key as you deal with your adjustment to sobriety and with depression or anything similar you may be feeling. But however helpful those friends are, some of them are drinkers, and they bring a danger.  No man is an island, though, and the fact is, you'll get offered some suds from time to time. Such an offer may be offered innocently by a person or people who are not aware that you have quit drinking.   The two scenarios will require slightly different … [Read more...]


6 Best Ways To Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own

how stop drinking on your own

Ever wonder how to stop drinking alcohol on your own? This post is for a drinker who wants to quit. What I mean is, it's not exactly for a capital-A alcoholic who is in desperate need of rehab. It's for someone who is ready to quit on his or her own. It is important that you clearly identify and note the reason(s) behind your desire and ultimate decision to stop drinking alcohol. These reasons may range from medical, social, health, marital or financial.  Yet, there's also that intuitive gut … [Read more...]


What Happens When You Quit Drinking ?

As I’ve made clear before, completely kicking alcohol and staying off it for decades is absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never been more proud of anything. Discover why in that excellent book. As you begin kicking the alcohol habit, be guaranteed a difficult path.  It’s a long, long road, and it will be hard.  That’s partly because there are just so many facets to the process—trying to adjust to all of them is just not easy.  The length also becomes an endurance test.  … [Read more...]