How Long Does Withdrawal Last?

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This timeline shows that the worst of it is in the first four days. A lot of drinkers are concerned about withdrawal.  I get quite a few questions about it.  A lot of people just don’t know what withdrawals are and they confuse them with a lot of things, such as a general longing or a psychological beating you take. It’s important to know that withdrawals specifically mean physical symptoms (I’ll outline these below) that come from drop in blood alcohol level when your body thinks it’s … [Read more...]


5 Points I Learned Through Recovery

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What I learned through recovery The gambler can sit in a bar, stroke his beard, and mull over a life of lessons learned.  A sage old teacher can sit down and fill a notebook with observations gleaned in decades working with children.  And a recovered addict also has very specific lessons learned through his recovery.  These are things that make me feel wise and on par with anyone who has accumulated knowledge in any field.  And I’m more than happy to have these pearls, even if the process of … [Read more...]


Recovering Alcoholic Behaviors that Lead to Long Term Sobriety

Behavioral change is the key to enjoying long-term sobriety. An alcoholic cannot be helped without admitting a problem, booking into a reputable rehab center and staying through the treatment. Those who admit to alcohol addiction and go through rehabilitation come out and the battle they have to face on a day to day basis is ensuring they don't relapse. Here are some recovering alcoholic behaviors that lead to long term sobriety. Change your environment Is it insane to do the same thing over … [Read more...]